Costa Azul Portugal

Costa Azul Portugal 
Extending from the tip of the Costa da Caparica, overlooking Lisbon, all the way to the top of the Algarve, Portugal Costa Azul has become one of the hottest destinations for tourism and property in Europe. If you plan to buy in Portugal, magazines, investment and ownership of the Guru is recommended that before you see any other houses for sale in Portugal, visiting the Riviera, in the first place.

Riviera, as it is known to the Portuguese has always been a favorite tourist destination and is blessed with an abundance of diverse landscapes and pristine beaches for thousands of years that have not been touched by man.

The area has thousands of acres of protected natural habitat, including the fossil cliffs at Cape Espichel, Arrábida Nature Reserve and the mountain ranges overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, bird sanctuaries, dolphins in the Sado estuary and freshwater lakes and lovely lakes of St. Andrew and Sancha.

Blue Coast of Portugal is a Portuguese historical landscape and magic is covered with a wide variety of flora that changes color as each season passes. The crystal clear sea, which combines its natural color blue and green, often reflects like a mirror in its calm and tranquility that invites you to relax on private beaches, which are borne by old dunes formed by former ages.

Small towns on the Costa da Caparica, Sesimbra and the town of Aldeia do Meco is located between the tip of the Cote d'Azur and roll all the way through the Sierra de Arrábida. Sierra begins on the slopes of Sesimbra and Palmela through winds, Azeitão and a number of smaller towns and villages to reach the coastal town of Setubal. Here is one of the fishing ports of the oldest in Portugal is still very present.

In Setubal take the ferry across the Sado estuary, with red clay and cast-net fishing, and home of the otter, badger and its own pod of bottlenose dolphins. Your tour of thirty minutes to take you to the Troia Peninsula, where the latest luxury tourism are underway.

Troia Peninsula through their different stations is home to nearly 200 species of birds, including storks, the Harrier and the heron, and at the same time was an area of ​​influence, both for the men of the Bronze Age and stage a much more the late Roman Empire. In fact, even today the Roman ruins can be visited with the help of a guide on the first Saturday of each month where you can see the Roman baths, temples and racecourse.

From here you can travel the only way to behave, Carvalhal and Melides through a series of small villages and towns on the highway. You'll travel through some of the most beautiful land and marvel at the beauty of the landscape where the sea touches the ground mixture majestic blue sea and green landscape.

Along the way seems very agricultural crops such as rice, grasses, vegetable fields, orchards, vineyards and cork trees throughout the south coast and winding, and not forgetting the beaches of the Riviera of unique charm and peace.

As you move along the southern coast of Alentejo you pass the deep water port of Sines and Porto Covo and Vila Thousand New Sources along the coast of San Vicente.

The cultural diversity of its peoples and individuals with their unique and individual parties and fairs allow you to enjoy and celebrate every day, like every city has its own historical story that can be seen in their dress, customs, stately homes and castles made pilgrimage in local churches, chapels and shrines.

For your pleasure you can enjoy a variety of activities such as sailing, canoeing, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, motor boat cruise, diving, fishing, diving, or at sea, and horseback riding, suggest that only a few.

One of his most enjoyable experiences you can find on the dinner table, the Costa Azul Portugal has some of the richest menus and delicious flavor that is found throughout the country, and add to the variety of excellent wines occur locally throughout the area and your stay will be an unforgettable journey that lasts forever.
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Costa Azul Portugal
Costa Azul Portugal
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