Best Comic Of All Time

Best comic of all time
The name says it all, comic books of humor and can elevate mood in no time. You do not have to be a child or adolescent to read these comic books. Sources of entertainment are incredible and his narrative is simply excellent. To learn more about the best comic books of all time, simply scroll down.

Remember that hides the comic book in your textbook or under the bed and reading, so that your mother does not scold you for not studying in his place and I can see you smile. Well ... this is what comics do for children or adolescents. Once you are hooked to comics, you really can not put down until you finish reading it. While reading comic books are not limited to children and teenagers only, the people of the age groups enjoy reading, but also more popular among young people. The comics do not just fall into the genre of humor, who master a wide variety of genres of romance, superhero, action and what is not. However, there are certain comic books that have touched our hearts and we would not mind reading again and again hundreds of times. Here is a list of the best comics of all time.

Best Comic Books Ever

The Adventures of Tintin
Synopsis ➟ This comic won immense fan following since it began. These are the dangerous adventures of a young reporter Tintin, along with his troops, including his dog Snowy, his best friend, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus an absent-minded, which adds the perfect mood for the whole adventure, because He also happens to be deaf. Ultimately these adventures are put to an end with the events Tintin's heroic action, of course with the help of his troop. If you have not read this comic book series buy it, totally worth reading!

➟ Synopsis This is an ongoing comic book the heroic deeds of Bruce Wayne, which is actually a millionaire, but creates a character dressed as Batman. Batman uses his super powers to fight crime and criminals. Batman series began back in 1939 and is still read with the same amount of enthusiasm, even today!

Synopsis ➟ Superman is another ongoing series of comic books. Superman's saga began in 1938 and has gained popularity since then, because a self-titled comic book was launched. Superman was born on the planet Krypton as a child and then shot himself in the land, which is raised by a farmer. As you get older you realize that they have superpowers and channeled in the right way. Exposes his superpowers and uses them to fight against the injustice committed against humanity.

Synopsis ➟ The argument of this comic is famous as Professor Xavier creates and trains young mutants to use their super powers to the benefit of mankind. It creates a series of characters and calls all the X-Men, because they have the gen-X, which gives them their superpowers. It was first published in 1963 and then spent entertaining and appealing to the masses of people, what makes the list of the best comics of all time.

➟ Synopsis Hellboy is a comic book superhero, the series was a huge success that has been adapted even in a movie and also a sequel was made. The Hellboy was brought to earth by the Nazis, who later became huge and the Red devil horns on the forehead. The character's appearance seems to have amused the readers and at no time was an angry Hellboy.

Synopsis Archie comics ➟ was created taking into account about a normal person who can relate to the characters when you read the comic book and the idea clicked. Archie comics series is marked as the longest-running editorial. The comic happens to revolve around these adolescents (Archie, her friends) and his adventures. But growing old, this comic will always help you relive those teenage days of fun.

Mickey Mouse And Friends
Synopsis ➟ This comic needs no introduction or explanation. Mickey Mouse and Friends comic book series has been running the longest history in the league of the comics. It all started in 1941 and the magic continues. This comic has been published by a number of publishers, the latter of which the Boom! Studios. The popularity of this character is not restricted to his homeland, but famous throughout the world.

The Incredible Hulk
Synopsis superhuman ➟ The lush green with superpowers, remember him? Yes, we are talking about the Hulk. It was a totally new concept of what the regular comics portrayed. Here, the idea was to portray a "good monster" sounds contradictory, but a legend was born. The character gained immense popularity in a short time and the concept was adapted into TV series and movies.

Captain America
Synopsis ➟ Who knew that a super hero and patriot, who first appeared in Captain America Comics would be a furor. This superhero was portrayed to have a good hand at martial arts and hand to hand combat, he also wore a suit bearing the American flag, displaying their patriotism. This comic series was a rage during the war, but time after the war faded from popularity. Soon, however, was reintroduced this character and then there was no turning back. In fact, Captain America: The First Avenger (the movie) is all set for release on July 22, 2011.

Richie Rich
Synopsis ➟ "The poor little rich boy" aww ... Richie Rich's how it is introduced. He is the only child of wealthy parents and seems to be around 7 or 10 years old, from time to time in school and out with your dog dollar and friends. Although Richie is super rich, he is good and charitable. This comic was all about the adventures of Richie and businesses.

Read comics, probably not have the same effect as reading a novel or a self-help book, but one thing is guaranteed a lot of humor and a relaxed reading session, it does nothing, but put a smile back in your face and takes you on a brand new fantasy world.
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Best Comic Of All Time
Best Comic Of All Time
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