Comic Book History of Ideas

Comic Book History of Ideas
Write or draw a comic is a very expressive art that stimulates the imagination like no other. The first step and the key is to find a story or basic plot. Read on to learn the key points in the formation of a comic book story.

There is no denying the universal and eternal appeal of a comic. An escape from reality, the opportunity to see the dreams and visions in the press, a role model to look for ... The reasons are endless, but comics are a special form of literature that can turn even a reluctant reader into a bookworm. And as with all forms of literature, you can write your own comic, with their own ideas and imagination. While picturization and drawing are key processes, the basic step is to find a plot or plot of his comic book. Here are some ideas for planning and basic plot of the comic story ideas.

Ideas for comic Argument

What kind of a comic book you want to write? Science fiction (the most popular choice), action and adventure, slapstick comedy or, for children, black art graphic design and ... decide its kind in advance to make an argument and plot much more simple.

need a hero or a heroine. The great thing about comics is that there are no limits or restrictions or rules! Create an entire civilization or of the galaxy based on its history. A team or clan is another good place to start. Different members with different powers or a single clan, united by a common cause ... This is the starting point in its history, and one of the hardest parts.

So once you've determined your cartoon character, now is the time of the WHO. An interesting story or background is the essential step. How was your character born or created, where do they come, planet or galaxy? The possibilities are endless. Be creative and try to be unique. Avoid tried and tested formula of "radioactive experiment gone wrong." That may have worked for Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it is getting very old.

another planet or civilization is good but be very imaginative and detailed information about the planet and its characteristics or history. The transformation of ordinary superheroes Joe is a more famous and successful. Help your readers to connect with his character. Of a clan or team, it helps to have a backstory for each character and the team in terms of how and why it was formed. Think of the X-Men. Each character has a unique history and reason for being there, every back story completely different from the others, which just added to the story.

The next item to add to its history of comics, is personality. Your hero / heroine / clan takes character and a set of rules or principles for living. He can be a clean cut, straight as an arrow type with clear ideals and a firm purpose or goal in mind. He may be the lone ranger, the anti-hero, the guy working on his own and is bitter and cynical, but believes in the spirit of humanity and hope for a better future. Or something or someone from her past has shaped them the way they are today.

Try multidimensional character with shades of gray, not white or black. Gotham Knight or Batman is the perfect character contrast. It's tough, hardened, with a bitter sense there, hard as steel core. There is little that can phase and seems to show no emotion. But he never compromises or bends its code of ethics.

For comedy, make sure your character is fun, with an advantage of the vulnerability. It must be something lovable and cute at the same time hilarious about a character comedy. The best examples to explain this kind of character are America's favorite teenager Archie Andrews and Brown Peanut, Charlie.

enough about the heroes and heroines. The real icing on the cake of a comic is the support team as villains and henchmen. Sidekicks are the comic element, whether or superhero antics. They can be silly and stupid, or cold, sarcastic, or a mixture of everything.

villains and enemies are key characters in superhero comic books of science fiction. Keep the "nothing is black or white" rule of the mind and make sure that the villains have interesting background and reason for being evil. The best villains, according to this fan of the comics are from the Batman comic franchise. From the fear of scarecrows super fresh and soft Penguin, Gotham's evil comes in all shapes and types. Try to be as creative in creating secondary characters.

Comic Book History of Ideas

Your hero is a young nerd who is painfully shy and has no friends. One day he accidentally activates a time travel portal hidden and transported to a parallel universe where Earth is ruled by a mysterious and very hated dictator. Our hero joins a band of rebels trying to overthrow the government and is captured and brought face to face with the dictator, who happens to be his own parallel universe!

beautiful and talented girl is hired by a mysterious organization to teach their students. But when it comes to the Academy of Awesomeness (ASquare) learns that is actually a school for foreigners trying to learn to be human! At first she is frightened but soon grows to love their students and the hilarity of the teaching of foreign people and their way of life.

The above ideas, comic book history are only a short synopsis or snippets to get your creative juices flowing. Start the process of creation is the biggest step and more difficult when it comes to writing his history of comics. But after that, you'll find lots of ideas and naturally. From time to time, you can get the comic writer's block, do not get frustrated, take a break and try again. His own story of the comic is a wonderful way to express themselves and really let your imagination take flight.
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Comic Book History of Ideas
Comic Book History of Ideas
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