What Makes a Good Children's Book?

What makes a good children's book?
A good book for your children is important, but they need to interact with characters in a positive way, identified with the character well, choose good over evil. Morality and the plot should be combined in an interesting, encouraging and easy to read way.

The answer to this question is straightforward reliable age children. For example, board books for very young children should have bright color images are very few written parts, while a book for an older child, for example, for ten years, will require a lot of words and not necessarily include images, as well, however, a photo here and there to please any age ... a picture worth a thousand words.

In any case, these days, there are two types of children: those who like to read and those who hate reading and would rather play video games or watching television. Before choosing a book, or even write one for children, there are some things to consider. First, you must have an intriguing plot, so it's interesting to young readers. Would also be a faster sequence of events. The characters in the book should also be well defined and credible to children. Their problems must be similar to what age children can find. Humor is also essential to spark their interest, either from the dialogue, funny situations, word games, and so on. The chapters in the book should be organized in a way that makes it easy to read.

Letters should be the same way that children are familiar with the age of the target readers. This is to help children better understand and recognize words.

The book is recommended to start with a little information, only the essentials, something about the main characters, their names, their environment, without many details that can discourage children to keep reading, because they feel frustrated by their lack to understand the whole meaning of writing. Moreover, the end of the book is very important, the frame must be completely resolved, and is very convenient to make the book a happy ending, especially if the book is aimed at younger readers.

Regarding the number of pages is concerned, there are some more tips. Hence, books with pictures in them must be 25 to 34 pages, baby books and board for young children should be around16 pages.

Thick paged books is likely to enjoy longer life in the hands of restless little creatures, and the rounded corners would not break, and prevent children from hurting.

The children's psychological truth is that they seem to belong to two different worlds. One is the outside world, what happens in the real world, and the other world belongs to her inner life, emotionally, together with their thoughts and perceptions. Books with pictures in them can refer to these two parallel universes. Due to the internal dimensions of children are difficult to achieve, what they represent, using elements of daily life can help to get into your inner universe, hidden.
Children are likely to prefer fiction to fiction because they are usually crazy about storytelling and delightful flavor. They love the fictional characters and events, everything that makes full use and enjoyment of their imagination, curiosity and a taste for the mysteries of this world.

In order to have quality literature should have a strong teaching element. Books for children is good to be taught moral issues, ethics, cultural and religious values. It has become a cliche to say that the future of our culture depends largely on the children of our time. To make a bright and happy, children should learn about the power of love, honesty, courage, justice, compassion toward others, the choice of good over evil.

The themes of the writings must be very well chosen and must be fully credible. They should focus on people, not on social issues and problems that have a positive impact and be of good quality.

Books for older children should have characters that are to follow, problems that can happen and have the courage to live and act in accordance with sound principles. The books must also keep their curiosity. Children may be willing to read books of laughter, fun, and because the books contain good stories heroes and role models. These stories should be imaginative and do not need to make much sense if it is possible to entertain young readers and bring joy to their world.
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What Makes a Good Children's Book?
What Makes a Good Children's Book?
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