Bil Keane, Creator of Family Circus,Dies at 89

Bil Keane, creator of Family Circus, dies at 89 
Bil Keane, creator of the iconic comic strip "Family Circus", died late Tuesday at the age of 89. 
Bil Keane, creator of the famous "Family Circus" comic, died late Tuesday at the age of 89. His comics appeared in comic strips in newspapers in the U.S. for decades, beginning in 1960 and continued in syndication until today. It was featured in nearly 1,500 newspapers around the U.S. Keane often described his former comic panel as simplistic, because I wanted to give consistency to their readers. In an interview in the 1990s, Keane said: "It is reassuring, I think, to the American public to see the same family." 

Keane comic has been updated to include references to pop culture, but there were timeless elements of the strip, including the fact that children, never Billy, Jeffy, Dolly and PJ, he grew up. Keane said in an interview: "We are in the comics, the last frontier of good humor, and wholesome family entertainment. In radio and television magazines and movies, you can not find what you're going to get. When we look at comic page, you can usually rely on something acceptable for the entire family. " 

The late Charles M. Schulz, creator of "Peanuts" and a friend of Keane once said: "I think we share a concern for the same type of humor. We're both family men with children and look with love on our families." Keane also pointed out that his band took off in mid-1960-when he put a comic that focused on the family rather than humor. Keane said, "showed that Jeffy coming out of the living room late at night in pajamas and watching TV mom and dad and Jeffy says:" I do not feel great, I think I need a hug. "And suddenly, I received an email a lot of people loved about this guy need a hug, and I realized there was more to get a laugh every day."
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Bil Keane, Creator of Family Circus,Dies at 89
Bil Keane, Creator of Family Circus,Dies at 89
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