Female Comic Book Characters

Female Comic Book Characters
The representation of female characters in comic books has been the subject of many controversies. When they began to appear in comic books in 1930, most were stereotyped and given support to the functions of character. However, in recent years, the women's movement for freedom has captured the imaginations of comic book creators, who then made his comic female characters are more like life and as potential leaders. Some of the best super heroes of our time are the female characters. Deciding on the best female character in comics can be difficult, but you can make your own choice.

List of female comic characters

Nellie the nurse, the nurse Nellie first appeared in comics in the 1940s. His character was based on the good girl, bad girl classification. She was depicted as a beautiful woman, but naive. His character was involved in general for the refusal of doctors and patients romance.

Betty: Adorable and clever, but poor Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is a fictional character from Archie Comics. Betty was created in 1941, His Excellency, 17-year-old blonde-haired character, girl next door, he won many hearts. Betty is shown as intelligent, athletic and a cheerleader, a character of many girls could be associated.

Veronica: With about Betty, Veronica mention is inevitable. Veronica "Ronnie" (super rich) Lodge was created in April 1942. Its creator Bob Montana fashioned after the actress Veronica Lake and wealth, a lot of pictures of air behind the laws, home to the. She is tall, slim, with long hair, shiny, black, and lots of designer clothes. She and Betty are best friends and is constantly displayed as competing for the attention of Archie Andrews.

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman was one of the most popular female superhero of his time. It was created by William Moulton Marston for DC Comics in1941. She looks like a very clever woman, skilled in combat and tactical warfare and a member of an all-female tribe of Amazons. I could talk to animals, and was seen by many ills correct attachment to his ideals of love, peace and gender equality.

Storm: Storm, Ororo T'Challa Iqadi was the first black female comic book character published by Marvel Comics. It was created by writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum, in 1975, as member of the X-Men. Today is the Queen of Wakanda, and now appears in many television series of cartoons, video games and live action X-Men film series.

Batwoman: Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff created Batwoman Batman superhero counterpart. She introduced herself as the rich and glamorous wife, Kathy, a love interest for Batman. Their role as Batgirl was created as an alter ego of Katherine "Kathy" Kane. His sexual preference led under attack from many conservatives.

Lois Lane: a creation of writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster for DC Comics, Lois Lane was the primary love interest of Superman. Your image has been variously represented in recent years. Previously shown as more of a frivolous nature, metamorphosis, as hard as nails reporter for Metropolis newspaper the Daily Planet and an intellectual equal to Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent.

Female comic book characters more or less projected the image of women in society, although some say it is still largely stereotyped, either as Ms. Goody or Superwoman, but never the real image. Whatever the argument, the female characters in comics were always a joy, and read about them, a beloved childhood memory.
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Female Comic Book Characters
Female Comic Book Characters
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