How to Grade Comic Book by Condition

How to grade comic book by Condition
If you have a huge collection of comic books, or want to get their comic books evaluated for their monetary value, then consider classification of the comic. The process of rating the comics for the condition is very simple once you understand it. Here's a guide to help you.

Classification of a comic is made to give a note to the book. This helps define the monetary value of the comics. For example, a mint, which is the best quality of the conditions of the comic could get the price of 5 comic books that are of poor quality. Classification of the comic can be done by professionals. There are some companies that evaluate the condition of comics and give them the right grade. However, if you want to get your comic book collection and want to assess the qualifications of each comic, then you can ask a company to do it for your collection. However, this can cost a lot. So why not grade comic books yourself? Think, how to grade comics by the condition. Here are some tips and tricks.

How to grade comic by condition?

The first thing you need to assess their condition comic books, is that the divide. Divide your comic books and graphic novels based on their release date. Then make your own standard letter, which mentions the classification system of comics by the poor to mint. You can refer to many comic books online classification guides to get an idea. Once you have completed the preparation of your letter, you need to start the classification process of the comic. You can get stickers made of various degrees, so you can stick in the comic.

To begin to see the comic books by the condition, you must be vigilant and check for any minor defects or deformities, and other quality problems. Therefore, at the top of the comic, the cover, spine, each comic, print quality, color quality, readability of each page, the thickness of the page, also check for any dog ​​ears , torn papers, wallpapers, etc. Is it a thorough job with each comic book to find faults and then use the appropriate grade label. Here are some of the conventions of comics star ratings to grade comics that you can use to chart the comic.

Classification Conventions
  • Poor: This means that the book has major flaws such as missing pages and that lacks any value to collectors. Poor is denoted by PR.
  • Fair: Fair means that the book could be widely used but is still able to read and enjoyable. Is denoted by FR.
  • Well, well: the comic is in better condition than the fair, as it has better color patterns. GD is used to denote willingly by the comics.
  • Good: This condition means that the comic is in good condition, but perhaps a significant increase or a roll of the spine. Very good is denoted by VG.
  • Penalty: fine grain means that the comic is a copy and reading, however, remains desirable because it has a value collectors. This degree is denoted by FN.
  • Very Fine: This means that the comic is read several times, but still remains, so much lower defects. Is denoted by VF.
  • Near Mint: This grade is used to describe the great comics that are copies and have great visual appeal as well. Near mint NM is used as a symbol.
  • Mint: This means that the comic is in the best conditions. It is very rare to find a comic old theme of this degree. This degree of old comic books have a good monetary value. Which are denoted by MT.

It was comic and the degree by the condition. Therefore, be sure to make an honest and thorough work of the grade of the comic. If you want to sell your comic books, then consider selling on the Internet and be sure to mention the degree to them.
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How to Grade Comic Book by Condition
How to Grade Comic Book by Condition
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